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Have you ever found yourself out somewhere and all of a sudden, your phone, tablet, gaming system or any other USB powered device has no charge left? If only you packed a spare battery, or had a wall charger to juice it up! 

Well not anymore!

Introducing the Powerseed®

The Powerseed® is a high quality portable power supply for your portable device. The housing is made of Aluminum Alloy for strength and durability and trimmed with aircraft grade acrylic. Inside is a high quality rechargeable Lithium ion battery protected by an intelligent charging circuit, which also protects your device.

The Powerseed® will charge any device that uses USB to charge, Cell Phones (I Phone, Android, Blackberry, Windows), Tablets (I Pad, Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, Android Tablets), Portable Gaming systems (PSP, DS etc) Portable video players (I-Pod, Mp4,etc) Cameras and anything else that uses a USB cable to charge.

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